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The discovery coffee course is the balcony that overlooks the world of Italian espresso and cappuccino. This course, lasting three hours, is designed both to allow the connoisseur and enthusiast to look out to the world of coffee, and to give the opportunity, to those who visit Florence, to learn about such an important part of taste and Italian way of life. The course, which includes a visit to the roaster area, teaches about the main types of coffee with a small tasting of Arabica and robusta, the techniques for preparing espresso, cappuccino, latte's and the classic Italian espresso shaked, until realizing your cappuccino with the heart!

The Discovery course is held in Florence, Tuscany, a few minutes of tram from the main train station of Santa Maria Novella. The course is three hours long and can be held on request, just inform us about the date you prefer.

During the course we use also very innovative tools. Our school is a partner one of the most famous manufacturers of coffee machines in the world. In our courses you can arrange a visit at the plant in Florence.


  • Why coffee is an Italian matter? An history of steam, strong baristas and clients in hurry.
  • Botany and plantations: arabica, robusta, different varietals and process.
  • Blending and roasting. Visiting the roasting company and the laboratories.
  • Perfect espresso technique: grinding and tamping.
  • Coffee tasting: from the sweet taste of Mexican arabicas to the body of the Indonesian and the spicy taste of the Ethiopian Sidamo
  • The latte macchiato, espresso macchiato, caffè latte and other Italian preparations.
  • A perfect foam with no bubbles and the Italian cappuccino.
  • The Latte art: a glance about how to make heart, leaves, dragoons and lions in your cappuccino…
  • Practice: Prepare your own espressos and cappuccinos!