About us

Once upon a time, in a magical land of Tuscany, in historically strategic location of San Miniato (Pisa) ENTROTERRA team has started their experience. Since 2008, this team have launched a number of tours to travelers of different nationalities. According to their cultural experience and the possibility to involve more travelers from different cultures, this year ENTROTERRA have started with a new cultural relations philosophy. Since the beginning of 2015, a new experienced and passionate about Tuscany member from the  Baltic country has joined our team. As a result, ENTROTERRA has started a Global experience and became an International branded company.

ITALY  - magic Tuscany and surroundings. We select places where it is still possible to live in a “slow” way rediscovering the ancient flavors, the ancient traditions, the warmth of the past, the beauty of the landscapes. ENTROTERRA organize your holiday by listening and realizing your wishes; we are ready to satisfy every need of the modern traveler, always more and more careful in the choice of his travels and eager to “live” the environment; we like to create fun and special moment only for you.

The BALTIC STATES - relatively new destinations. Yet as we have learned, there's a lot to discover for first time as well as seasoned travellers, touring Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. There are plenty of other attractions in the region; from its splendid natural settings, to bustling cities, to slow-paced rural life. Cultural events are frequent, fun and well attended, and the nightlife is vibrant.  This year special attention to Lithuania  - Lithuania Makes Lonely Planet's Top 10 'Best of 2015' Destinations.